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Fourth lecture

Posted by qisss on April 5, 2008

On 29th  of January, we learnt about metacognitive process.  Metacognition is our ability to know what we know and what we don’t know. It is also the ability to use our prior knowledge to plan a strategy for producing information, to take necessary steps  in problems solving, and to reflect on the quality of our thinking about particular concern. The metacognitive process help me to become independent learners.


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Second lecture..

Posted by qisss on April 5, 2008

During this lecture, I’ve learn factors that shape thinking . There are, level of education, emotion, attitudes/ values , skills, time, the arena, the subjects, and the purpose. With this factors, it help me on how to think proper. Before this I thought that , thinking is just process in our mind . Somehow, after learning all of the factors, I’ve learned on how to shape and  control our thinking process..

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Getting Blurr..

Posted by qisss on April 5, 2008

In this course, we have to do two assignments . First, individual assignment then , theme teaching. When first time i’ve got the assignments, I felt blurr. Thank god, we have tutorial class. Dr. Sharifah guide us and explain about the assignments. I felt release. For the first assignment, we have to summarize an article and use meta cognitive ( thinking about thinking) on how we develop our assignment. For the second assignment, theme teaching, we have to build a group. We have to plan teaching in class. There are 4 members in my group. Mira as a teacher, me, Nurul and Shima as facilitator. We plan to teach impulsive force.This task is a bit tough to us, because we have to apply ccts in our teaching and learning process..

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First impression in critical thinking skills(ccts) class.

Posted by qisss on April 4, 2008

When I first step on the class , i felt blurr..I don’t know what are we going to learn in this class.  When Dr. Sharifah enter to the class, she explained about the course content. I felt this course is so hard and tough. I’m very worried , if I can’t score this subjects.

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Hello world!

Posted by qisss on March 5, 2008

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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